About Me

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” - Aristotle

Why work with me ?

My focus is helping, CEO’s, senior leaders, executives and their teams build the connection between who they are, what they do, the results they deliver and ones they aspire to reach, whilst ensuring we work on creating long lasting relationships.

Working together we develop your story with confidence and clarity enhancing your narrative and enabling you to maximise your potential. I believe when you become the author of your own story your possibilities are endless.

I provide a series of practical tools and techniques where I focus on your vision and ambitions, breaking them down so you have the clarity and confidence to achieve your goals, with drive and passion, bringing more confidence and skills, allowing you to tackle bigger challenges.

I concentrate on unlocking your potential by venturing out of your comfort zone where we will discover other areas of your capability and power that will enable you to achieve your ambitions and unlock your potential.

I create a confidential space in which clients can talk freely, share insights, think the unthinkable, look at alternatives and prepare for their next steps.

I apply my skills to the clients individual requirements, understanding their agenda and designing my contribution accordingly.

I tailor my programmes accordingly with no fixed approach, as each client is an individual. When I am not supporting my clients I enjoy working towards fulfilling my potential on the lake skiing.

My values

  • Excellence - delivering the highest standards
  • Integrity - acting with impeccable ethics
  • Commitment - a continual process of learning, achieving and professional development
  • Authentic - Providing balanced solutions with realistic time frames that are within the capacity of the individual
  • Teamwork - conquer todays challenge and generate tomorrow’s strategic opportunity
  • Confidentiality - remains paramount throughout all projects
  • Fun - having some fun on the journey

Area of expertise

I have a dynamic and pragmatic methodology in creating solutions to complex challenges that arise at a higher management level within the corporate world. Through analysis of existing problems, and identifying potential others on the horizon, I provide a fresh perspective on many aspects of the challenges

  • Addressing structural inflexibility
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Managing change management and positive communication
  • Effective team management and productive co-ordination

My approach is empathetic, dynamic and pragmatic, which enables my clients to rise above the issues at hand and achieve their desired outcomes.

Throughout my career within the property sector, I have applied these principles in managing high end residential property portfolios, I now offer a wealth of experience with my services for CEO’s, senior executives, entrepreneurs, functional leaders within private organisations and their teams.

I work across London the UK and internationally.

I offer a complimentary introductory consultation to discuss challenges, areas you would like help with and various ways I can support you and your organisation