Success in real estate comes down to two factors: taking care of and valuing the customer

My Vision

Inspiration - Leadership- Innovation- Growth- Success

No business has everything, my purpose of being here is to bring something to your company

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I help my clients make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in their performance, reach their goals, and to continue to build a great business that attracts, develops, excites and retains exceptional performance.

I bring innovations in management practice whilst building my clients and their businesses capabilities to sustain growth and improvement with a holistic impact

I follow the top management approach and build enduring relationships based on trust

"I create an unrivaled environment for exceptional clients and their businesses”

Throughout all my client interactions, | am non hierarchical and inclusive, embracing diverse perspectives with curiosity and respect.

“You will either step forward into growth or you will step backward into safety”

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My Beliefs

Without exception our relationship and values with our clients are founded on these 3 beliefs

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  1. Mutual Trust
    I earn trust by telling you the pure, undiluted truth, as I understand it and consistently.
  2. The Plan comes before the business
    Our relationship will only have meaning and value through your strategic plan. Your business is never anything more than a function of your plan.
  3. It is never different this time -
    Uncertainty is the only certainty. We don’t move from periods of the former to the latter; we simply move from one uncertainty to the next. Implementing different strategies required at the different stages in order to reach your goals and create sustainable outcomes.

My code of conduct:

  • My clients objectives and interests always come first and remain a priority throughout our business engagement
  • Serving all my clients with the highest professional standards, with trust and confidentiality being paramount
  • Whilst working with my clients I create an environment that is inspirational and motivating
  • Managing risk to the individual and their business
  • Fulfilling my responsibility in taking accountability to ensure the new strategies, techniques, proposals and ways forward we devise and agree are effectively implemented and executed

Where I add Value

  1. 20% Creating your business plan
    Everything we work on both derives from creating your business plan to ensuring it is executed
  2. 70% ensuring you stick to the plan
  3. 10% adapting to the plan
  4. Rebalancing your business
    Keeping your business in line with your appetite
  5. Defining your goals
    Firstly I listen, you tell me your goals and aspirations, what you want the rest of your business to look like. This is the really important stage, its your opportunity to talk about the business life, development and changes you desire.
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Recognising and defining critical issues/challenges facing an executive in unchartered territory from and all perspectives.

Providing a balanced solution for both the short term and medium term issues, with the ability to define actions and goals that are within the capacity of the individual.

My Mission

As a corporate consultant to numerous large to medium size businesses and whilst working directly with CEO’s , Executives, Entrepreneurs, Senior Managers and their teams; I adhere to the highest professional standards:

  • Ensure client’s objectives and interests are always primary
  • Preserve client confidences and maintain high standards and conditions for the client service
  • Manage client and firm resources cost-effectively
  • Observe high ethical standards whilst maintain an independent perspective
  • Improving clients performance significantly




We had the pleasure of working with Alexia over the last six months on a major project in our high end residential property development business; we were impressed with her expertise and professionalism. Alexia took the time to fully understand our business, our challenges and goals, and then developed a customised solution that addressed our needs, whilst providing her expert guidance and ensuring our interests remained at the forefront throughout the process. Alexia’s approach was data-driven and focused on results, she was able to increase efficiency and improve our results. We look forward to working with her again and would have no hesitation in recommending Alexia to any business looking for a highly skilled corporate consultant


High End Property Developer’s

Residential projects


Alexia provided me with several consultations to discuss a professional opportunity that I was pursuing at the time. Alexia was exceptionally skilful on all areas, specifically with the use of open ended questions, which gave me the opportunity to think about my best approach, whilst exploring alternative options. Alexia was very calm and focused in the way she facilitated the sessions. As a result of my consulting sessions, I have now reached a position and achieved my business objectives . I would highly recommend Alexia to anyone who needs help in thinking through a business strategy, business change,implementations, growth and transformation. She provides impact and results, which I would describe as a flawless execution.

A.P - KC


Temple - London


My key takeaway from a few consultations with Alexia was momentum. I will continue to translate the dynamic discussions we've had into actions to create new opportunities. Alexia possesses sharp observational skills, a vast level of expertise in the field of dispute resolution and work environments which she is able to apply well within corporate environments. If you’re looking for the type of corporate consultant/coach who is bold, direct and achieves results, executes with an accurate approach then look no further than her. Be prepared for extreme changes and challenges but you will not be disappointed. Alexia is a great connector and knows someone in every industry you may possibly need. She's able to adjust her style depending on who she's working with. She's direct and tells you exactly what she thinks, she's true to herself and brings this out in you. Alexia gets you up the "next rung of the ladder" and will ensure you have fun whilst doing it.


New York

London -Wealth Management


Alexia assisted my team during a period of difficult transition where we were faced with numerous challenges and important changes. She enhanced the team’s performance, developed their skills and motivated them. Her quality of analysis, understanding, techniques and strategies, and above all her ability to engage and get the team focused throughout the process was impressive.She brought a wealth of knowledge and experience in her areas, with a flexible accommodating attitude, a unique facilitation style that we felt achieved the best results for our team and in turn our clients. I found Alexia to be empathetic, understanding, inspiring with a broad set of skills

Sebastian E

Corporate Executive


I am a CEO in the Global Software Sector. I am working my 4th CEO role(2 Public and 2 Private Equity (PE)backed). Currently, I work for a large global PE Firm, deploying from an active Fund of some $15 Billion.

I recently personally sought private advice from Alexia, on the aspects of personal Leadership Focus and optimising the productivity of my Team. I found her coaching and consulting to be different and outstanding. I am happy to act as a Reference for her and would be happy to answer any enquiries regarding my experience and the improvements in Team work achieved.

Mike Shinya

CEO - Global Software Sector


Alexia provided me with executive coaching and consultancy, which helped clarify my goals and objectives in terms of next steps in my career. I was at a pivotal point and her input allowed me to confirm important decisions in my life. We undertook a program of self development, which over a period of time allowed me to deal with a fundamental shift in my circumstances and increased my confidence in decisions I was making.

The consulting sessions enabled me to reflect on what was important and how I saw my work life balance. Her style was challenging, but in an effective and non confrontational style. Her questions were incisive and enabled a healthy dialogue to take place. She listened carefully and was able to get me to understand what I really wanted and to provide clarity where there was uncertainty or where I had not thought through my needs clearly. I found it really helpful to have a series of sessions as this allowed me to build my proposition and reflect on objectives and then refine them. I would highly recommend Alexia for a variety of situations. Her style is confident, diligent, respectful and incisive. She offers a range of consulting and coaching skills, which can be applied to various leadership roles and team development needs. If you wish to benefit from this, you must be prepared to be challenged and to work hard.

Mr Michael Williamson

Chief Financial Officer

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